For all written enquiries, use the Contact Form:

PO BOX 806,
Lilydale, Vic, 3140


For Intakes:

Phone: 1300 904 505

Contact this person:

  • If you’re an addict that needs help (Read the About The Program Page FIRST)
  • A parent that needs to know what to do
  • Intake requests / interviews
  • Advice on how to deal with a person caught in addiction
  • Getting families on the same page to battle the problem

John Hopper



Resident Care

Phone: 0455 458 959

Contact this person for:

  • Resident contact, resident welfare
  • Item drop off / collection (resident related)
  • Resident visitation
  • If you have a family member in the house and have general enquiries


Shalom House (Perth, WA)


Shalom House are the founders of the Shalom Rehabilitation Program that we use here in Victoria. If you are based in Western Australia, please reach out to Shalom via their website directly.

Board Members

Betel is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who generously give their time and expertise to steer the organisation into the future, who ensure it is operating legally, ethically and to its full potential. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Daniel Gibbs (Director)

Richard Harvey (Director)

Lindsay McKenzie (Director)