When you need to confront a loved one you suspect to be an Ice addict, how should you approach it? We take a look at some ways we have found helpful.

A person who is high on ice is often unpredictable, erratic and irrational.  Care should be taken when confronting such a situation.  Here are some basic pointers that will help you approach anyone you suspect to be using Ice.

When confronted with a suspected ice addict:

  • Use a calm even tone
  • Give him/her some space
  • Use simple language
  • Appear to be confident
  • Don’t embarrass an intoxicated person
  • Listen and ask careful questions but don’t ask too many questions
  • Be aware of what your body language is communicating
  • Validate their frustrations
  • Avoid sudden movements
  • Use a consistent tone of voice
  • Don’t argue
  • Avoid using “NO” messages.
  • Don’t counsel or interview them
  • Don’t argue with usual beliefs
  • Move bystanders to a safe distance
  • Mentally locate your nearest exit
  • Reduce noise

If you suspect your loved one is using Ice, it may be time to reach out for some help. Please contact us at any time – we’re happy to give you advice on what options might suit you. We run a residential program that has helped thousands of people live drug-free.